Microsoft® Windows® CE Services 2.1
Features and Support for Handheld PC and Palm PC

Feature Benefit
File conversion and other synchronization settings are tailored to the Palm PC. Configure your PC to sync with a Palm PC, a Handheld PC, or as many of both as you like!
New Microsoft ActiveSync™ support for Mobile Channels. Update your Palm PC with your favorite Web channels every time you connect to your PC!
File synchronization for Palm PC. Sync your Rich Ink Notes with Microsoft Word!
ActiveSync is now compatible with Microsoft Outlook™ 98 messaging and collaboration client beta version 2.2 and beta versions of Microsoft Windows 98 operating (Beta 3) and Microsoft Windows NT® operating system 5.0 (Beta 1). Get your Handheld PC or Palm PC ready for the latest releases of Microsoft Outlook and Windows!

Easy Setup:

  • Improved partnership wizard helps you set up your Handheld PC or Palm PC fast!
  • Improved handling of Internet Autoconnect configuration during Windows CE Services setup.
  • Improved handling of previous modem configurations on Microsoft Windows NT-based systems.
  • Application Manager now enables easier installation of applications to a PC card on your Handheld PC or Palm PC!

Works better worldwide:

  • Improved ActiveSync support for Daylight Savings Time for Southern Hemisphere countries when using Outlook 97 version 8.03 or later. Early versions of the Handheld PC may require a device update to complete this update. Check with your device manufacturer for availability.

Microsoft Windows CE Services 2.1 Upgrade

This upgrade to Windows CE Services 2.0 primarily adds support for Windows CE-powered Palm PC devices.

Please note: This supplemental code ("Upgrade") is "For Upgrade Purposes Only" and intended for use only with Windows CE operating system software version 2.0 and 2.01 devices. This Upgrade does not support Windows CE operating system software version 1.x devices.

This Upgrade is provided to upgrade Windows CE Services version 2.0 only. You must ensure that you have installed Windows CE Services version 2.0 before installing this Upgrade.

Please refer to the user documentation that was provided with your purchased Windows CE-powered device for technical support.

Download the Readme (RTF, 106KB)
This document provides installation and feature information for the Microsoft Windows CE Upgrade for Microsoft Windows CE Services 2.0 desktop software.

Download the Upgrade Now (EXE, 3.7MB)
This update is provided to upgrade Windows CE Services version 2.0 systems only. You must install version 2.0 before installing this upgrade.