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Sometimes time goes slow. - ESTHER BUNNY COMICS - Girl's PARTY! | CASIO INDIA


Sometimes time goes slow.

CULTURE   |   2022.03.22

Time passes differently depending on your mood,
but no matter what your mood is, feel it to the MAX.

Here is the watch featured in the illustration!


Esther Kim is a Korean-American artist. She was born in Los Angeles and spent her teenage years in Tokyo.
She has been working as a creator for over ten years combining illustration, design, character licensing, art direction and gallery art to create her own world.
Her work is at once cute but knowing, and has a sophisticated girlishness informed by her love of fashion and multicultural background.

She is the creator of the character Esther Bunny.
They are her emotional alter egos; reflections of her loneliness and alienation as an outsider in the different cultures she grew up in.

Esther Bunny is observant—always looking sideways and not making eye contact . Their ears are like large antennas, facing outwards to catch what is going on around them.
They are perceptive, conscious of the culture around them, and are always trying to do what’s right.

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