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EQS-930NIS-1A | EDIFICE Solar Powered Chronograph | CASIO INDIA

NISMO Limited Edition
Solar Powered Chronograph


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Celebrate a motorsports-chronograph partnership born in 2021 with the EDIFICE NISMO Limited Edition. All about racing, Nissan Motorsports International Co., Ltd., or NISMO for short, is on a mission to bring the technologies developed for the racetrack to Nissan road cars. The solar-powered EDIFICE NISMO Limited Edition is steeped in the NISMO racing spirit, with a genuine carbon-fiber dial and accents in NISMO red on the inset dials, buttons, and bezel sides. The color gradation on the upper left inset dial evokes a titanium tail pipe as it heats up, in a further nod to motorsport excellence. And the tribute does not stop there. The NISMO logo is engraved on the bezel, band loop, and case back, with the car number 23, the NISMO ace racer in the SUPER GT championship, featured in red at minute 23 on the bezel and engraved on the case back, as well. The resin band is specially processed to create the look of a post-race car tire, a final detail that delivers NISMO passion straight to the motorsport fan’s wrist.

Back engraving

360° Rotating image



The embodiment of racing spirit: NISMO Limited Edition

This new EDIFICE features a design inspired by the NISMO works team. NISMO competes in the GT500, the top category of the SUPER GT, the world-renowned motorsport championship originating in Japan. This special edition is designed to capture the spirit and worldview that NISMO pursues on the racetrack.

Episode 1 : Design

Episode 2 : Solar Powered


NISMO is short for Nissan Motorsports International, an affiliate of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. that engages in motorsport activities. NISMO not only competes in races in and outside Japan as Nissan’s works team, but also adapts technology from the racetrack for use in Nissan’s production vehicles.

Original design engraved with the NISMO logo and car number 23

The bezel, band loop, and case back are all engraved with the NISMO logo. What’s more, the number of Nissan’s ace SUPER GT car, 23, is engraved on the bezel at the 23-minute mark and on the case back.

Materials and colors inspired by NISMO performance

The dial is made with real carbon fiber. The inset dials, buttons, and bezel side feature red accents, one of the NISMO brand colors. The indicator at the 10 o’clock position recreates the color gradation that appears when the titanium components in NISMO road cars get hot.

A specially processed band modeled after racing tires

The urethane band is specially processed to give it the texture of a worn-out tire after a race, so fans can feel the passion of NISMO right on their wrists.


Special packaging made to exacting specifications

The dual names NISMO and EDIFICE grace packaging in the team colors of red and black.



Inset dials alone transmit enough light for power, freeing up dial design

Using shadow-dispersing solar cells, the solar panel in the inset dials and the indicator supply enough power to fuel the watch on its own, making opaque, carbon fibre dial design possible.

*Graphic is included for illustrative purposes.



Battery level indicator

The gauge in the inset dial at the 6 o’clock position shows the battery level at high, medium, or low, so you’ll always know if you need to recharge.


– 10-bar water resistance

– Solar charging system

– Stopwatch

– Date display

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