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BABY-G ART GALLERY #7 Conxita Herrero - Girl's PARTY! | CASIO


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#7 Conxita Herrero

CULTURE   |   2022.04.27

A platform showcasing collaboration projects between BABY-G and up and coming artists.
We proudly present Vol.7, a cute set of illustrations drawn by Conxita Herrero.

I am very happy and honored to have the opportunity to cooperate with BABY-G this time.

I was initially attracted to all the lovely pink colors in the BABY-G range. This time the theme of the watch is camping and outdoor style. When I saw the photos of the watch, in addition to the cute colors as before, the brand also has a series that promotes environmental protection, so it feels very special! I hope you will like the watches and my interpretation this time!


Conxita Herrero was born in 1993 in Barcelona and studied Fine Arts. She has been active in publishing fanzines seeking free self-expression.

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