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A cute cherry design made in collaboration with the popular Korean brand KIRSH®

Our retrofuturistic design uses translucent materials that echo the 1990s. The watch itself is sprinkled with the trademark cherries of the KIRSH® brand. The product comes with two easily interchangeable bands, also made of translucent materials. This collaborative masterpiece is a must-have for fans of the sweet and innocent styles of BABY-G and KIRSH®.


KIRSH® is a street fashion and cosmetic brand founded in Korea in 2008. It is particularly famous for its “big cherry sweatshirts.” The brand’s popularity skyrocketed among teens and young adults after actors and celebrities wore KIRSH® products on television. It has a firm hold on the spotlight as Korea’s hottest brand.



Special design and colour scheme

The dial, bands, and case back feature the trademark cherries of the KIRSH® name. When lit up, cherries also appear in the LCD. The translucent white band makes the bright red cherries pop in striking colour.

Change bands to match your mood

Have your pick of natural white-on-white or two tone with a light grey band. The watch comes with two translucent bands to customise as you see fit. Lever action allows for easy removal.

Special packaging

The watch comes in special packaging with an original design.

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