Casio G-SHOCK Reveals Black and White Series


  • DWD5600BW-7
  • GDX6900BW-1
  • G001BW-7
  • GBA400-7C
  • GA100BW-1A
  • GA110BW-1A

Monochromatic Collection to Release in November 2015

DOVER, NEW JERSEY, OCTOBER 21st, 2015 – Casio G-SHOCK enters November with the debut of their Black & White color series inspired by monochromatic trends. The Black & White series consists of six timepieces varying in shades of black and white. The color options range from all black, all white, black and white, and a black and white tiger stripe pattern.

The styles are mix of classic G-Shock models including the following: The G001BW-7 with a white face and black band, the DWD5600BW-7 and GDX6900BW-1 in black and white Tiger  Stripe, the GA100BW-1A and GA110BW-1A in all black, and the GBA400-7C in all white.

Though monochromatic, all of the timepieces offer standout technological features including Shock Resistance, 200M Water Resistance, and 12/24 Hr Formats. The G001BW-7 offers Auto Illuminator, World Time (29TZ / 48Cities), 1/100th Sec. Stopwatch (24Hr), 2 Multi-function Alarms & 1 Snooze Alarm, and Countdown Timer (24Hr). The DWD5600BW-7 specs include Auto Illuminator, World Time (29TZ / 48Cities + UTC), 1/100th Sec. Stopwatch (24Hr), 2 Multi-function Alarms & 1 Snooze Alarm, and Countdown Timer (24Hr). Auto LED (Super Illuminator), Flash Alert, 5 Daily Alarms, World Time (31TZ / 48Cities + UTC), Multi-Home 4, 1/100th Sec. Stopwatch (24Hr), and 10 Year Battery are all key functions of the GDX6900BW-1. The GA100BW-1A offers Magnetic Resistance, Auto LED Light, World Time (48 Cities + UTC), 4 Daily Alarms & Snooze Alarm, 1/1000th Sec. Stopwatch (100Hr) w/Speed Indicator, and Countdown Timer (24Hr). The GA110BW-1A  includes Magnetic Resistance, Auto LED / Flash Alert, World Time (29TZ / 48Cities+UTC), 4 Daily Alarms & 1 Snooze Alarm, 1/1000th Sec. Stopwatch (100Hr) with Speed Indicator, Countdown Timer (24Hr), and Mute Function. Lastly the GBA400C-7C G’Mix, has Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity for Music Control via its rotary switch crown, time sync, as well as a unique phone finder function based on compatible smart phones.  Additional features include a Super Illuminator LED, World Time (100Cities + UTC), 5 Daily Alarms (1SNZ), 1/100th Sec Stopwatch (1000Hr), and 1/10th Sec. Countdown Timer.

The G-SHOCK Black & White Series will be available in November 2015 at the G-SHOCK NYC Soho store, select Macy’s and fashion boutiques, and range in price from $99.00 USD to $200.00 USD. The G-SHOCK G001BW-7 will retail for $99.00 USD, the DWD5600BW-7 for $130.00 USD, the GDX6900BW-1 for $150.00 USD, the GA100BW-1A for $100.00 USD, the GA110BW-1A for $120.00 USD, and the GBA400-7C for $200.00 USD.

CASIO’s shock-resistant G-SHOCK watch is synonymous with toughness, born from the developer Mr. Ibe’s dream of ‘creating a watch that never breaks’. Over 200 handmade samples were created and tested to destruction until finally in 1983 the first, now iconic G-SHOCK hit the streets of Japan and began to establish itself as ‘the toughest watch of all time’. Each watch encompasses the 7 elements; electric shock resistance, gravity resistance, low temperature resistance, vibration resistance, water resistance, shock resistance and toughness. The watch is packed with Casio innovations and technologies to prevent it from suffering direct shock; this includes internal components protected with urethane and suspended timekeeping modules inside the watch structure. Since its launch, G-SHOCK has continued to evolve, continuing to support on Mr. Ibe’s mantra “never, never give up".

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