Casio Serves Up Calculators With A Side Of Pi


Portfolio of Graphing and Scientific Calculators Enable Students to Have Fun with Math

Dover, NJ, March 14, 2016 - Pi, the never-ending number beginning with 3.14, is commemorated annually in many classrooms around the world on March 14, otherwise known as Pi Day. Casio America, Inc. is encouraging students and educators alike to celebrate with the help of its extensive portfolio of scientific and graphing calculators which are designed to help students understand and embrace mathematical concepts such as Pi among others.

“Most of us learn about Pi in geometry, but Pi has many other real-world applications and appears in places you might not expect it, such as spectrum analysis, global positioning calculations and wind gust prediction." said Dr. Karen Greenhaus, Casio’s resident education-tech expert. “Casio’s high-quality scientific and graphing calculators can help students explore Pi-related activities and exercises easily due to their range of functions for even the most difficult equations."

Dr. Greenhaus has provided a couple of her favorite formulas that incorporate Pi, which can be solved with ease using Casio’s scientific and graphing calculators:

  • Machin’s Formula for Pi in terms of the inverse tangents of unit fractions: In mathematics, Machin-like formulae are a popular technique for computing Pi to a large number of digits.
  • Machin’s Formula for Pi
  • The BBP (Bailey-Borwein-Plouffe) Formula: The BBP Formula is an algorithm for computing the nth binary digit of Pi using base 16 math.
  • BBP Formula
Scientific Calculators
Designed for helping students excel in math, Casio’s line of fraction and scientific calculators are the perfect tools for solving Pi Day equations. Key calculators from this line include the fx-300MSPLUS,fx-115MSPLUS, and the ClassWiz fx-991EX.

The fx-300MSPLUS is an all-purpose, solar scientific calculator with 240 built-in functions. This model is small and convenient enough to slip inside a student’s backpack, but strong enough to solve polynomial and trigonometric equations. Casio’s
fx-115MSPLUS is a standard scientific calculator that features 279 built-in functions, 2-line big display and a solar function.
This model is designed for students who are focusing on anything from fractions and trigonometry to statistics and calculus.
Both the fx-300MSPLUS and fx-115MSPLUS are permitted on all college entrance exams.

The ClassWiz fx-991EX is the industry’s first scientific calculator with spreadsheet functionality, which enables students to create spreadsheets with up to five columns and 45 rows. It also boasts a high-resolution screen and comes equipped with natural textbook display, which means that mathematic equations and formulas are displayed just as they would appear in a student’s textbook.

Graphing Calculators
Revolutionary among graphing calculators, Casio’s PRIZM fx-CG10 is jam-packed with features that allow students to solve the most challenging Pi equations and enhance their understanding of mathematics, including the world’s first Picture Plot function. The Picture Plot function enables users to plot graphs over pictures of real-life scenes and offers a color LCD with a full textbook-style display. Additionally, the PRIZM includes a multitude of functions that leverage the color LCD in graphing objects like dotted lines, circles and bars, and grid lines.

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