Evoking the world of luxury sports cars:
    TOM’S collaboration model

    Inspired by the luxury sports cars that are TOM’S specialty, the watch design features a black and grey metal exterior, a dial made with carbon fibre, and heat gradations with hues shifting from gold to red to blue reminiscent of the look of hot titanium tail pipes. Combining the refined design developed under TOM’S supervision with the state-of-the-art specs of the EDIFICE, this timepiece, based on the EQB-1100, a Bluetooth®-capable slim solar chronograph, makes a completely stylish statement.


    Established in 1974, TOM’S serves as Toyota’s official tuning team and specialises in the development and sales of aftermarket parts, complete cars, and more, with a primary focus on Toyota. The company also participates in car racing as a semi-works team for Toyota both in Japan and internationally in categories including SUPER GT and SUPER FORMULA. EDIFICE has been an official sponsor of the team since 2013.


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    Tough Solar / Sapphire Crystal / Finish



    Face design inspired by a
    luxury sports car

    The face design evokes the look and feel of a luxury sports car expertly tuned by TOM’S. Carbon fibre is used for the dial, while parts including the inset dial at the 6 o’clock position and the second hand feature colour gradations with hues shifting from gold to red to blue, evoking hot titanium tail pipes. The periphery of the crystal also displays gradations. The gold colour of the TOM’S logo, second hand, and indicator hand gives the entire watch face a luxe feel.



    Sophisticated finishes

    Grey IP is applied to the stainless steel case and band, while the characteristic octagonal bezel is finished with black IP. The case with its forged form and the band made of pure stainless steel exude solidity. Different mirror and hairline finishes applied to each deliver a sophisticated look.



    Special design specs for
    a collaboration model

    TOM’S and EDIFICE logos adorn the dial together in a pair at the 3 o’clock position, with the gold colour of the TOM’S logo giving a luxurious gleam. Logos are engraved in the case back and clasp as well. The watches are presented in special packages featuring carbon weave designs.



    A slim design for a comfortable fit

    While being a multi-hand chronograph equipped with Bluetooth® and Tough Solar, the watch achieves a slim case at just 8.9 mm.


    Inset dials alone transmit enough light for power, freeing up dial design

    The inset dial’s solar panels alone take in plenty of light to power the watch, enabling opaque carbon-fibre dial design.
    *Graphic is included for illustrative purposes.


    Smartphone Link for full functionality at your fingertips

    Automatic time adjustment
    Connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth® to adjust automatically to the correct time.

    World time (About 300 cities)
    Easily select world time cities using the app, and switch between home time and world time by tapping the app screen. Automatically adjusts for daylight savings time (DST), too.

    Stopwatch data transfer
    Save up to 200 lap times and transfer to a smartphone, measured to the millisecond.

    Phone finder

    Find your smartphone by making it ring with the push of a watch button. (Must be within Bluetooth® range.)


    Scratch-Resistant, Highly Transparent Sapphire Crystal

    The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating on the inside surface enhances dial viewability.


    Multiple functions, all at your fingertips

    EDIFICE Connected
    (Smartphone app)

    - Stopwatch data transfer
    Displays lap times down to the millisecond. See lap time differences and fastest time at a glance.

    - Automatic time adjustment (four times a day)

    - World time for over 300 cities

    - Home time/world time switching

    - Alarm setting

    - Phone finder

    Confirmed OS version


    • 10-bar water resistance
    • Tough Solar (solar powered)
    • Smartphone Link
    • Dual time
    • Stopwatch
    • Alarm
    • Date display

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