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Using the knowledge of top doctors and Casio's unique camera technology, dermocamera DZ-D100, an epoch-making medical device born from the voice of clinical practitioners.

DZ-D100 Exploded-view diagram of parts

Various functions to improve medical care efficiency

Equipped with various functions for efficient medical treatment.

・Dual purpose : Ordinary & close-up photography
・Single shutter : Polarized, non-polarized, and UV modes
・Guide : Scale display
・Record an entire area : Wide area shots
・Low distortion : Special lens
・Bright and clear : LED lights
・Easy to view : Tilt display
・External monitor : HDMI connector
・Observe movement : Movie shooting

DZ-D100 and highlighted callouts of connections and features, light, example specimen photos

Dermocamera is now even easier to use

Convenient options that make observation even easier are available

・Small-diameter & 3D adapter set / DAS-100M
・Microscope adapter / DMS-100M
・Lithium ion battery / DNP-100M
・Protective film / DFP-100M

DAS-100M small diameter and adapter set, Microscope  adapter DMS-100M, Lithium ion battery DNP-100M, Protective film DFP-100M

More efficient image management and observation with PC

DERMOCAMERA photos and videos can be easily managed on a personal computer using the D'z IMAGE Viewer application software. Magnifying images is made simple.

depiction DZ-D100 medical camera device communicating wirelessly to the D'z image viewer software

Achieving convenience and ease of operation

Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to hold, achieved a grip shape and a highly practical design. Simple button layout focusing on frequently used operations.

Infographic depicting the easy to use LCD touch panel and featured easy to hold shape of grip

Basic information

Product name

Dermocamera / DZ-D100

Bundled accessories

Lithium ion battery (DNP-100M), AC adapter for charging (AD-M50300A), Lens cap, Lens removable tool, Quick start guide (with warranty)



Device information

Dermocamera DZ-D100
・Regulation Number: 21 CFR § 880.6350
・Abbreviated 510(k)


Infographic of Dermatology camera, Lens cap, Lithium ion battery, AC adapter for charging, and Lens removal tool, including quick start guide.

Detailed function

Dual purpose : Ordinary & Close-up photography

Both ordinary and close-up shots can be taken without switching lenses. From photographs of the entire affected area to enlarged photographs of the lesion area, you can take beautiful and speedy photographs within the limited consultation time.
* Ordinary and close-up videos can be also taken.


ordinary photo of skin blemish taken with the DZ-D100
close-up photo of skin blemish taken with the DZ-D100

Polarized, non-polarized, and UV modes with single shutter

A single click of the shutter can yield polarized, non-polarized, and UV photos. No switching of filter is required, which saves time.
* UV photos snapped at 405nm wavelength.
* UV mode set with a single ON/OFF switch.

close-up photo of skin blemish taken with the DZ-D100 in polarize mode
close-up photo of skin blemish taken with the DZ-D100 in non-polarize mode
close-up black and white photo of skin blemish taken with the DZ-D100 in uv mode

This mode blocks light emission from the surface of the skin, making it easier to observe pigment distribution beneath the skin's surface.

This mode is good for observing the condition of the skin's surface.

With UV photos, the edge of blemishes and spots are reveled in sharp definition.

Guide : Scale display

This function superposes a scale over a close-up image. Immediately showing the size of the affected area. Touch the scale to rotate it in the direction needed to indicate size as a guide.

back of DZ-D100 Scale display of color view finder with measurement crosshairs

Record an entire area Wide area shots

The user can photograph the entire affected area, such as the back, which is useful in observing the course of a lesion.

back of DZ-D100 color view finder recording an entire area with wide area shot

Low distortion : Special lens

Images are clear all the way to the edges, making it possible to accurately see the shape of the affected area ; and their high-resolution captures microstructures in the affected are with fine precision.

close up of low distortion skin blemish broken up into a grid with polarized photo

Bright and clear : LED light

When taking an ordinary photo, uniform illumination from the ring light outside the lens enables faithful reproduction of color tone. In close-up mode, illumination from inside the lens yields a stable clear image quality.

bright and clear LED light right for ordinary shots on DZ-D100

Easy to view : Tilt LCD monitor

The LCD monitor can be tilted to different angles for easy visibility under all conditions

Easy to view tilt LCD monitor on the DZ-D100 depicting 180 degree rotation

External monitor HDMI connector

The camera can be connected via HDMI cable to a large monitor or projection screen for viewing of images, either in real time or afterwards. This is useful for providing explanations to patients or making presentations at conference.

External HDMI connected monitor and ports. HDMI cable is not included.

Video shooting when the lesion is moved.

Can record the movement of the "Wobbler test"

color display on the back of DZ-D100 while shooting video

Optional accessories

Protective film DFP-100M (120 pieces included)

The protective film discs are applied directly onto the camera lens to protect it from scratches and dirt. Package includes 15 sheets which each contain 8 discs. Expires 6 months after opening. Single use only.

DZ-D100 with protective film

How to use

protective film being applied to DZ-D100
protective film application cover being removed after being applied to DZ-D100

Remove the protective film from the backing,
and apply onto the camera lens.

When ready for use, peel off the blue sheet on the surface of the protective film.

Small-diameter & 3D adapter set

Small-diameter adapter
When photographing lesions in locations that are difficult to focus on, such as between fingers or inside an ear, fit the small-diameter adapter to the camera to take the shot. The angle of view is 6mm.

DAS-100M adapter in use on the DZ-D100
example view of skin blemish from the DAS-100 on the DZ-D100

3D adapter
This adapter holds the camera lens about 2mm away from the surface of the skin so it can be photographed without the lens pressing against a swollen lesion. The 3D adapter also facilitates the use of DERMO AIF (All In Focus) mode.

Infographic showing usage of DAS-100 3D adapter with All In Focus DERMO AIF

DERMO AIF(All In Focus):

In this mode, the camera shoots multiple images with differing focal points and merges them into a single image that is in focus over a wide range. This is a good mode for photographing lesions that have a rough surface.

Microscope adapter

This adapter makes it possible to mount DERMOCAMERA to the eyepiece of a microscope. It can be mounted to eyepieces with an inner diameter of either 23.2mm or 30.0mm. The user can take pathological images observed through a microscope and can also use an HDMI cable to display images on an external monitor.

DMS-100M 30.0mm and 23.2mm adapter
actual usage of the DMS-100M and DZ-D100M connected to a microscope

D'z IMAGE Viewer D(Image management software)

More efficient image management and observation with PC

DERMOCAMERA™ photos and videos can be easily managed on a personal computer using the D'z IMAGE Viewer application software. Magnifying and comparing images is made simple.


depiction DZ-D100 medical camera device communicating wirelessly to the D'z image viewer software

Data transfer to PC

Data transfer method

Infographic depicting data transfer methods to PC with and without wifi environment

Automatic sorting by patient ID

D'z IMAGE Viewer automatically sorts images tagged with patient IDs.

DZ-D100 images on a computer screen displayed in the image viewer

Getting a detailed look at images

Displaying images

Users can inspect images from DERMOCAMERA in great detail.

Image of skin blemish scaled 1:1 compared to enlarged view

Image scaled to 1:1

  Enlarged image


Printing function

Lesion information attached to an image can be printed for referrals to other medical institutions or requesting opinions from other doctors.

example screen of captured photo and other additional information prepared for printing


Tagging images

Images can be individually tagged with such information as “name of disease,” “location,” “size,” etc.


Searching images

The desired images can be searched by “name of disease,” “name of patient,” “age,” “gender” and other criteria.


Outputting images

Image data can be exported with patient ID information deleted, enabling safe use for papers, etc.

Product appearance

Infographic of DZ-D100M product features and functions

Designed with the comments of doctors in mind

The grip features an easy-to-hold shape, and the round shape of the camera is soothing to jittery patients, while the white color and compact body create a clean appearance. These design features put high priority on the type of usability requested by doctors.

Top of DZ-D100M with info badge describing the featured easy-to-hold shape of the grip

Easy to operate

Frequently used operations are assigned to easily located buttons.
With a single touch of a button, the user can switch between close-up mode, microscope mode, and other modes that make for convenient dermal observations.

 DZ-D100M with info badge describing the easy button operation on top and back
 DZ-D100M with info badge describing the easy to use LCD touch panel

Main specifications

Model DZ-D100
Valid pixels 5184×3888 Approx. 20.16 megapixels
Imaging element   1/2.3-inch CMOS (back-illuminated type)
  Total pixels 5352×3950 Approx. 21.14 megapixels
Imaging file format Still images JPEG (Exit Ver 2.3), DCF2.0 compliant, DPOF non-compliant
Recorded pixels:20M(5184×3888)/12M(3968×2976)/5M(2560×1920)
Video MOV format, H264/AVC-compliant, IMA-ADPCM audio (monaural)
Recorded pixels: 1600×1200 (UXGA), 30 fps
Recording Media SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card, SDXC Memory Card
Recoding capacity Still images Recording media 16MB 1,860 shots
Video Maximum video file size Max. 1.4GB per video (10-min. video)
Recording media 16GB Approx. 1 hr. 55 mins.
Lens Construction 9 elements in 6 groups
F-number F3.33
Focal distance f=7.67
35mm Film Equivalent 53.5mm (single-focus lens with filter switching unit)
Zoom Digital zoom 8x
Zoom resulution:0.1x
ISO Sensitivity (Standard Output Sensitivity) NORMAL mode: Auto
Close-up (DERMO) photography: Fixed
Data transfer method Wi-Fi / micro USB cable / SD memory card
Communication function Compliant standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n, range of frequencies used:
1‒13 ch, encryption method: WPA2
Image monitor 3.0 TFT color LCD, 720×480 pixels, 1036800 dots (RGB)
Capacitance touch panel
Power supply Lithium-ion battery (DNP-100M) × 1
Battery life Number of shots Approx. 175 shots
Actual video recording time Approx. 45 mins. (during continuous recording)
Size 127.5 × 76.0 × 86.1 mm (5.0" × 3.0" × 3.4") (W × H × D)
Weight Approx. 395g (13.9oz) (incl. battery & memory card),
approx. 350g (12.3oz) (w/o battery & memory card)
Bundled accessories Lithium-ion battery (DNP-100M),
AC adapter for charging, lens cap, lens removal tool, Quick Start Guide

Operation explanation (Video)

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