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GA100L-8A | G-SHOCK Analog Digital Bi-Color Molding Watch



My GShock

From G-SHOCK, the watch brand that is constantly setting new standards for timekeeping toughness, comes new coloring models. Bi-color molding makes it possible to create a new type of band with different colors for the inner and outer surfaces. The inside surface coloring is visible from the sides of the band and through the band holes for an original look. The military motif of these models is highlighted by their coloring, which recalls the inner lining of a flight jacket. The base model is the anti-magnetic GA-100 analog-digital combination watch, and the five models of this lineup are available in black, blue, orange, white, and beige. • Magnetic resistant • Speed measurement • 1/1000-second stopwatch


*The color tone of the listed products may differ from the actual product in some cases.

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