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This Outlet store product may not have original packaging or may be missing a manual. The product itself is in new condition. G-SHOCK GRAVITYMASTER has long been the timepiece series at the forefront tough timekeeping. Now these new aviation watch models take this one step further with designs that provide the accuracy and function required during flight. Large hour and minute hands and hour markers improve readability. These models let you schedule up to five flight times, with a seconds unit countdown until the next flight time. The large LCD is designed in the image of a glass cockpit of a passenger aircraft, which provides pilots with a clear view of information. Five side buttons and a front light button help to simplify operation by providing more direct access to functions. These models are the first of the G-SHOCK lineup to feature a large 7 × 33-dot LCD, and an ion plated multi-faceted metal bezel, creating the image of a state-of-the-art aircraft. A bi-color molded band adds a definite touch of fashionable elegance. Connected Engine supports time correction using a time calibration signal and Bluetooth® connection. After connection with a smartphone with Bluetooth®, you can use the G-SHOCK Connected* app to configure countdown alarm settings, to manage waypoint memory contents, and to manage and store a flight log of distances and travel times of flight missions. To ensure timekeeping accuracy, time information can be obtained from an on-line time server and used to correct the watch's time setting. The app also can be used to configure World Time, timer, alarm, and other settings. In addition to these Phone Linking features, these watches come with high-brightness LED illumination, World Time, stopwatch, and more. Stable operation is ensured by a Tough Solar charging system that incorporates original CASIO energy saving technology.




Countdown alarms

Countdown alarms

Five alarms, each including year, month, day and time settings and equipped to display the remaining days and hours digitally, are available to help pilots manage their flight schedules over several days. The small hand & LCD begin moving 30 minutes before each scheduled alarm time.

Full-dot STN display

Full-dot STN display

A large 7 x 33 dot LCD enables clear, high-resolution digital display of the alarm and 1/1000-second stopwatch functions.

Six-key operation

Six-key operation

The addition to the five side buttons of a dedicated front button for dial light control creates a six-key configuration for enhanced multi-function operability.

Layer-color moulded band

Layer-color moulded band

Two-color moulding is employed to present different colors on the front and back of the band.

Aviation design

Aviation design

The large hands and index provide the easy visibility a pilot’s watch requires.

Super Illuminator (Double high-brightness LED lights)

Super Illuminator (Double high-brightness LED lights)

A pair of high-brightness LED lights illuminate the dial and LCD automatically with a tilt of the wrist in the dark.


G-SHOCK Connected

Smartphone App

Main Functions

Easy operation of various watch functions

- Automatic time adjustment*
- World Time for over 300 cities*
- Countdown alarm setting
- Flight Log function
- Phone Finder

  * Updating of internal data according to the latest time zone/ daylight saving time information

* App screens shown here may differ from actual screens,
since the app is currently under development.

Supported Phone Models (As of Aug 2018)

iOS: iOS 10 or later
Android: Android 6.0 or later

* Bluetooth installed smartphone only.

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