PRG600YB-2 | PRO TREK PRG-600 Series Blue, Light blue | CASIO

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PRG-600 Series


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From the PRO TREK PRG-600/650 Series of Triple Sensor watches that keep you in touch with the constantly changing natural world around you come models. The case, band, and other major parts are done in uniform black, while the Navy blue. Function-wise this model incorporate Triple Sensor Version 3 for better measurement accuracy and shorter measurement intervals. Other features include a barometric pressure alarm that alerts the wearer to sudden noteworthy rises or falls in barometric pressure, double LED lighting with separate illumination for the face and LCD, and more. This new models add a variety of new design enhancements, without sacrificing any PRO TREK functionality. The PRG-600YB model feature ion-plated bezels and comes with a band done in navy blue colors. Everything about this model is designed and engineered to create functions and designs for outdoor activities. • Tough Solar • Triple Sensor (bearing, altitude/barometric pressure, temperature) • Barometric pressure graph • Barometric pressure alarm • Low-temperature resistant (–10℃/14℉)



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