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MAMMUT Protrek branded PRW61-MA analog digital watch with cloth white and gray band with orange MAMMUT badge attached, Mountaineers summiting a peak in the background


160 years of history
Swiss outdoor brand
MAMMUT collaboration model.

Commemorating it's 160th anniversary, MAMMUT and PRO TREK have come together to create the PRW61MA collaboration model. A striking colorbomination of black and orange accompanied with the MAMMUT logo and brand mark. For the band, in addition to the eco-material cross band with the original printed pattern, a black soft urethane band is included

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red and white MAMMUT SWISS 1862 logo


An outdoor brand founded in Switzerland in 1862 that offers high-quality products and a unique brand experience. For 160 years, MAMMUT has continued to pursue safety and innovation, which can be said to be synonymous, and have earned a high reputation as a global premium brand that leads the world market. The product lineup, which combines sophisticated design and extremely high functionality, consists of apparel, footwear, backpacks, climbing hardware, and avalanche safety. As an outdoor brand that boasts history and tradition, it is deployed in about 40 countries and regions around the world.

MAMMUT Protrek branded PRW61-MA analog digital watch

The functional beauty expressed in the real gear special design

Black IP coating is applied to the stainless steel bezel which features engravings filled with a suble color that produces a simple and sturdy appearance. The dial has silver vapor deposition on the bar index, and a vibrant orange color on the hands. The high-contrast design enhances visibility. The MAMMUT logo is laid out at the 3 o'clock position.

cloth white and gray band with orange MAMMUT badge attached

Inspired by MAMMUT'S original cross band

The printed pattern used in MAMMUT products is designed on a cross band made from recycled PET plastic materials. Motifs of mountains and mountaineering drawn in monochrome stimulate the outdoor mind. The short band has a double loop metal loop ring, and the long band has an embroidered brand mark tag.

MAMMUT Protrek branded PRW61-MA analog digital watch with eco friendly black and white material beads

Environmentally friendly bio-based resin

An eco-friendly bio-based resin is used for the urethane case, back cover, and replacement soft urethane band. Using renewable organic resources such as castor oil and corn as raw materials contributes to reducing environmental impact. With materials suitable for outdoor tools, consideration for the natural environment has been embodied.



MAMMUT Protrek branded PRW61-MA analog digital watch packaging

Unique to the collaboration model
special version

The MAMMUT logo is laid out on the dial. The brand mark is engraved on the back, the embroidery tag on the cross band, and the free ring of the replacement band. We also offer special packages that use eco-friendly materials.

MAMMUT Protrek branded PRW61-MA analog digital watch face with mountain trail vista

Perceive changes in nature
triple sensor
(Altimeter / Barometer, Digital Compass, and Thermometer)

Radio tower

 Accurate timekeeping with Radio Controlled Multi-Band 6 radio technology and solar powered

MAMMUT Protrek branded PRW61-MA analog digital watch in darkness, illuminated by LED face light

Super Illuminator

Ensuring visibility in darkest of enviroments
(High brightness full auto double LED light)


  • 10-bar water resistant
  • Low temperature resistant specification (14°F/-10℃)
  • Tough solar (Solar Powered)
  • Standard radio wave reception function (Multi-Band 6)
  • Needle position automatic correction function
  • Needle retraction function
  • World time (29 cities)
  • Direction measurement function
  • Barometric pressure measurement function
  • Altitude measurement function
  • Temperature measurement function
  • 1/100 second stopwatch 
  • Timer
  • 5 time alarms
  • Full auto double LED light
    (super illuminator)

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