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Kyle Morrison | CASIO

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Kyle Morrison

An introverted classical pianist raised on 80's thrash metal has produced a musically schizophrenic hybrid of chaos and tranquility. Kyle Morrison fronts the metal act TRIPHON as both the vocalist and keyboardist. The daunting solo piano piece, now backed with apocalyptic choirs, a full string section, crunching guitars, and blast beating drums, demonstrates a seamless integration of multiple genres. "It's like Metallica and Beethoven are fighting for dominance over my musical ideas. Some days I want to play screaming thrash metal and other days I only want to hear the notes of my piano. My work is the result of this constant tug of war."

A long time advocate of the Casio Privia series, Kyle seeks to further expand the role of keyboardists in metal. "I'm not the type of guy to simply trigger a few samples. I'm ripping solos, arranging strings, and creating classical piano motifs in order to add an entirely new dynamic to modern metal."

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"The Casio Privia PX-3 plays like a dream. It handles lightning fast synth solos with precision and ease while maintaining a delicate tone and dynamic response for my solo piano pieces. The PX-3 is everything I could ever want in a digital piano."


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