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Laura Clapp | CASIO

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Laura Clapp

In early December, 2012, Laura Clapp released her first recording in five years. Produced by UK producer Robbie Bronnimann, the 3 songs were completed in a trans-Atlantic collaboration between Robbie’s UK studio and Laura’s studio in her Ohio home. After countless hours of sculpting and molding Laura’s ideas, the results are stunning. Each nuance captures the mood of the song and the beauty of her voice.

Laura’s voice has taken her all over the world as backing vocalist for 80’s Synth legend Howard Jones, where she found herself onstage in Japan, Europe and Australia, as well as the US. As a demonstrator for the Victoria-based TC-Helicon, Laura has been featured on several YouTube videos, some with over 450,000 views to date. It’s been a wild and rewarding ride and Laura has no plans to slow down she's just getting started!

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"Since my Privia came into my life, I can’t perform without it. Whether I'm onstage or in the studio, it is always ready and willing to give me great sounds without breaking my back."


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