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Leon Thomasian

Leon is a Los Angeles based pianist, composer, arranger, and producer. He holds a master’s degree in Music Composition and a bachelor’s degree in Scoring for Media and Commercial as well as Classical Piano Performance degree from California State University, Northridge. He is currently active in writing music for media and concerts, and performs contemporary, ethnic, classical, and jazz music across the world. Leon has a huge passion for all current music gear, technology, synthesizers, effects, and sample libraries. He showcases them through musical context/demos and shares his experiences with his followers on social media.

YouTube: www.youtube.com/leonthomasian
Instagram: www.instagram.com/leonthomasian
Facebook: www.facebook.com/leonthomasianmusic
TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@leonthomasian
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6wa12b0krtFSrRC92eLqA1

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