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fx-9750GIII Sakura Pink Edition | Graphing Calculator | CASIO

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fx-9750GIII Sakura Pink Edition

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With Natural Textbook Display™ and an intuitive icon menu, students will find the fx-9750GIII graphing calculator incredibly easy to use. Feature highlights include graph plotting, probability distribution, vector arithmetic and spreadsheets. The fx-9750GIII is capable of programming in CASIO Basic and MicroPython, and Python files are easily stored and transferred via USB to a computer.

The Sakura Pink edition of the fx-9750GIII is inspired by the beautiful springtime colors of the Japanese Cherry Blossom tree.

This model is approved for the SAT®, PSAT®, ACT®, and AP® tests, and includes Exam Mode™ to lock specific functionality for testing purposes. The fx-9750GIII does not feature a C.A.S.


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