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Smartphone Link Model


My GShock

Introducing a new model that adds a revolutionary new Dura Soft Fluoro Rubber band to the metal, advanced feature-packed EDIFICE EQB-800 Series Race Lap Chronograph. The Dura Soft Fluoro Rubber Band is soft and gentle on the skin. This material is the same type of as that used in a racing engine. Everything about this watch has been designed and engineered to stand up to tough use by applying advice gained through consultations with the mechanics of a partnered professional racing team. The design adopts yellow-green highlights for the second hand, dial hands, and buttons, for an attractive contrast with the basic black color. Functions are the same as the EQB-800 base model. The watch automatically links up with a smartphone four times a day and adjusts its time settings, while the CASIO WATCH+ phone app makes it easy to select the watch’s World Time City from among approximately 300 World Time cities around the globe. Summer time settings are also updated automatically. A simple operation swaps Home Time and World Time, which makes this model the perfect choice for the globetrotting businessman whose work takes him across different time zones. This watch also comes packed with a variety of different race-oriented features. A 1/1000-second stopwatch comes with memory for 100 lap time records. A target time indicator shows the relative difference between a lap time and a target time set with a phone app, for instant intuitive feedback, while a countdown that starts 10 seconds before the target time lets you know when a car you want to follow is expected to pass during a race. This function is one that was requested by professional racing team members who require such information to determine the timing when race engineers need to display the pit board. All of this and much more makes EDIFICE a leader in the 1/1000-second world of modern motor sports. • Smartphone Link Functions • Automatic time adjustment (four times a day) • Target time indicator • Easy watch settings (World Time for about 300 cities, daily alarm settings) • Stopwatch data transfer (Lap/Split time display measured in 1/1000 seconds for up to 100 entries) • Phone finder • Tough Solar • Dual Dial World Time • Daily alarm • Day indicator • Date display • 100-meter water resistance • Dura Soft Fluoro Rubber band



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