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GA2100HC-4A | Transparent Analog-Digital Men's Watch - G-SHOCK | CASIO

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My GShock

Explore all the latest scenes, in colors that look great on hidden coastlines and city streets alike. Whether you’re feeling sporty, refined, or rugged, we have a Hidden Coast watch for you—ready to go wherever you do. The sporty versions feature both analog hands and a digital display, complemented by a translucent resin band. Their special translucent matte bezels showcase the watch’s internal components. For a more refined approach, try the look with finer lines, achieved by framing a carbon case with an octagonal sheath of translucent resin , echoed in a contrasting translucent resin band. Moving on to tougher terrain, the rugged models are made of all resin parts in matte colors that project a quiet strength. From street fashion to getting way out of town—one of these watches is sure to suit your style.


*The color tone of the listed products may differ from the actual product in some cases.

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