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GMAS2100SK4A | Pink Analog-digital Women's Watch - G-SHOCK | CASIO

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Slip on a splash of clear metallic pleasure with the ever-popular analog-digital combination GA-2100 in a slimmer, more compact profile. Metallic translucent designs in a choice of colors for versatile watches that pair with any outfit, all year round. Index markings treated with a half-matte vapor deposition finish bring to life the clear metallic look. The dial and dial ring on the blue and pink models are treated with micro-polarized paint to create a mysterious and subtle radiance.

Clockwise from above: GMA-S2100SK-2A, GMA-S2100SK-1A, GMA-S2100SK-7A, GMA-S2100SK-4A
From left: GMA-S2100SK-1A, GMA-S2100SK-7A, GMA-S2100SK-2A, GMA-S2100SK-4A


*The color tone of the listed products may differ from the actual product in some cases.

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