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GWFA1000APF1A | G-SHOCK MASTER OF G - SEA Transparent color | CASIO

The FROGMAN 30th anniversary model


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Dive into the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the G-SHOCK Master of G FROGMAN family of full-fledged diver’s watches with ISO-standard 200-meter water resistance. The first-ever FROGMAN made quite a splash when it launched back in 1993. The second limited edition to commemorate the 30th FROGMAN anniversary in 2023 takes the GWFA1000 to a whole new level, with a special design inspired by the poison dart frog. The multicolor carbon bezel evokes the mysterious hues of this rare species of colorful frog living in the South American Amazon. Cut from a base material of colorful carbon and glass fibers laminated in random patterns, no two bezels are exactly alike, reflecting the rarity of this frog species. The combination of strikingly colorful bezel and translucent urethane reproduces the look and feel of the water-loving poison dart frog. The band is printed with polarized ink to evoke the speckled pattern of a frog — a touch repeated on the case back with the iconic frog character reimagined as a poison dart frog.

Full analogue dial with flexible multi-function display
Polarised fluorine band
Super Illuminator (LED backlight)
Back engraving


Parts and material resembling a poison dart frog used to construct the GWFA1000APF watch

Multicolor carbon bezel evokes
colorful poison dart frog

Vivid black, orange, and blue interwoven in organic patterns evoke the beautiful colors of the poison dart frog.* The bezel is cut out from a base material of laminated carbon and glass fibers. No two are exactly alike, reflecting the rarity of this frog species. The multicolor design is highlighted by the use of similar colors on the dial and clear resin for bezel components.

*The poison dart frog takes its name from the fact that indigenous people of the Amazon applied the frog’s venom to their hunting arrows. These frogs are known for their beautiful colors and colorful patterns, called warning coloration and meant to keep enemies away.
*Exact bezel patterns will vary from watch to watch due to details of the manufacturing process.
Polarized florine band on a dark background

Polarized fluorine band

The band is coated with a polarized spray to create the look of the poison dart frog. The polarized paint changes colors depending on the light and angle from which it is viewed. Made from fluoroelastomer, the band is highly stain resistant and able to withstand exposure to humidity.

Frogman symbol on the watch back case of the GWFA1000APF G-SHOCK Frogman watch

Engraved original FROGMAN

The watch is engraved with the iconic frog character, reimagined for this model as a poison dart frog. This playful design celebrates the 30th anniversary of the FROGMAN line.


exploded view of carbon fiber reinforced watch parts

ISO 200-meter water resistance in a Carbon Core Guard structure (carbon monocoque case)

The monocoque case integrates the case with its back cover. Six screws securely fasten the metal ring that is press-fit to the glass, and the button shafts are equipped with triple-gasket fittings. These and other features keep the watch air-tight to achieve ISO 200-meter diving water resistance. Low-absorbent carbon fiber-reinforced resin is used as the case material for a watch that is both strong enough to withstand hard use and lightweight enough to be worn comfortably for long periods of time. 
*Image shows the GWFA1000-1A2.

GWFA1000APF Frogman full analog watch

Full analog dial with flexible multi-function display

Dual coil motors are used for the hour, minute, and indicator hands for high-speed operation and quick switches between time, dive, tide graph, and other modes. When the watch is in dive mode, dive times and surface rest times are indicated by the forward and reverse rotation of the second hand.

Frogman App displayed on a smartphone

Solar-powered timekeeping with
Bluetooth® and radio control for enhanced accuracy and reliability

GWFA1000APF G-SHOCK frogman analog watch with LED light illuminating watch face

Super Illuminator (high-brightness LED light) for maintaining watch readability in the dark

disc of scratch resistant sapphire crystal

Scratch-resistant, highly transparent sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating

G-SHOCK Connected application icon

Multiple functions, all at your fingertips
G-SHOCK Connected
(Smartphone app)

- To ensure accurate timekeeping
- Easy watch setting
- World time
(about 300 cities)

- Diving log
Timeline display of dive date, time, number of dives, and other info, along with dive location and images taken.

- Tide point setting
Preset major diving spots worldwide. Select from map, list, and other formats.

- Phone finder

*The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Any use of such marks and logos by Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is under licence.

*The color tone of the listed products may differ from the actual product in some cases.

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