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OCWS5000EK1A | Silver Watch - Oceanus | CASIO

Global limit 1,000 pieces
Manta S5000 Series


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From OCEANUS Manta, comes the OCWS5000EK1A that is styled with high-quality finish in designed in a thin and beautiful form. With "Elegance, Technology" as the brand concept, the beautiful sapphire crystal bezels are individually hand-finished by Edo-Kiriko craftsman, Toru Horiguchi. Edo-Kirko is the traditional Japanese art of glass craft that emerged in the late Edo period. The Edo-Kiriko sapphire crystal bezel is based on the design concept of "There's a Certain Sliding Light". The bezels are cut to express the beauty of light created by the delicate Japanese pattern "Senji". Blue-black gradation vapor deposition is applied to achieve this remarkable gradation. The 9.5 mm slim case highlights the thin and beautiful silhouette that only Manta can offer. In addition to time correction by the watch itself using Multi-Band 6 radio wave reception function, the watch is also equipped with a time correction function using a smartphone link via Bluetooth®. The watch can easily adjust to world time from approximately 300 cities and automatically change the time zone and daylight saving time. OCEANUS pursues high quality finishing down to the smallest detail, including dual-curved sapphire glass, and a titanium case and band that boast high wear resistance through titanium carbide treatment. Returns will only be accepted if product is in original packaging and protectant film is in place.


*The color tone of the listed products may differ from the actual product in some cases.

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