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OCWS5000MB1A | OCEANUS Manta Blue, Light blue | CASIO

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Limited to 1,200 worldwide
Manta S5000 Series


My GShock

From OCEANUS "Manta", the OCWS5000MB was developed and manufactured with the cooperation of Yutaro Shimode, a traditional craftsman in Kyoto. Combining OCEANUS blue and maki-e, the design concept is inspired by the natural beauty of waterfalls and is meant to express the dynamism of water. The sapphire crystal of the bezel is vapor-deposited with a gradation of blue to black, and the platinum “Makibokeshi Takimon” is drawn. All pieces are handmade by Mr. Shimode, so no two watches are the same. The dial uses a unique method inspired by “raden” to mimic the scene of water falling down while shining brightly with white mother of pearl shells. In terms of functions, it is equipped with standard radio wave reception function, smartphone link function, world time compatible function, etc. These high-performance functions are housed in a slim case with a thickness of 9.3 mm, and a thin and beautiful form has been achieved. High-quality OCEANUS Manta that combines functionality and design.

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