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OCWS5000ME1A | Black Watch - Oceanus | CASIO

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Manta S5000 Series


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The OCWS5000ME is based on the thin OCEANUS Manta and incorporates the traditional Japanese craft of maki-e into its design. Maki-e is a technique in which pictures and letters are drawn on the surface of lacquer ware using lacquer, and then gold or silver metal powder is sprinkled on the surface of the ware before it dries. This model was developed and manufactured by Mr. Yutaro Shimode, a traditional craftsman in Kyoto. The motif of this model is Mr. Shimode's masterpiece "Whisper of Eternity," which expresses the sparkle of water using platinum. The dial and sapphire crystal bezel are decorated with platinum maki-e, the same technique used in his masterpieces. Since all the work is done by hand by Mr. Shimode, no two timepieces are alike. In terms of functions, in addition to time correction by the watch itself using Multi-Band 6 radio wave reception function, the watch is also equipped with a time correction function using a smartphone link via Bluetooth®. It can easily set the world time from about 300 cities and automatically change the time zone and daylight saving time. These advanced functions are housed in a slim 9.3 mm case that is also thin and beautiful. Tradition and innovation. The OCEANUS Manta is a fusion of two Japanese prides. Returns will only be accepted if product is in original packaging and protectant film is in place.



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