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OCEANUS OCWS5000MB represented in front of a waterfall


With OCEANUS blue and lacquer,
Expressing the dynamic flow of water.

OCEANUS The advanced functional beauty that Manta pursues and the lacquer work that has exhausted the skill of the craftsman. Two Japanese prides are elegantly fused to create a new world of beauty. In collaboration with Kyoto maki-e master Yutaro Shimode, the OCEANUS blue sapphire crystal bezel is decorated with platinum maki-e to express the dynamism of a splashing waterfall. Each bold and detailed pattern is finished by hand, creating a unique scene where no two are the same.

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Ph.D. Professor Yutaro Shimode crafting the OCWS5000MB

Kyoto maki-e artist Yutaro Shimode

Born in Kyoto in 1955. The 3rd generation of Shimode Maki-e Shisho, a maki-e studio established in 1912 (Meiji 45). Traditional Craftsman, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus at Kyoto Sangyo University. Inheriting traditional techniques, he is involved in the production of Shinto lacquer lacquer and sacred treasures. At the Kyoto State Guest House, he produced platinum maki-e furnishings such as "Eternal Whispering." Engages in the creation of maki-e works, preservation, repair and restoration of cultural properties, research on lacquer art, lectures on lacquer and literature, and writing activities.

OCWS500MB analog watch face with blue accents

Expressing the dynamism of waterfall spray Platinum lacquer finish

Makie is a technique in which a picture is drawn on the surface of a vessel with lacquer, and metal powder is sprinkled before the lacquer dries to create a pattern. The sapphire glass bezel has been given a maki-e finish with the cooperation of Mr. Yutaro Shimode, a master of Kyoto maki-e. The scenery of a waterfall with splashes is expressed with the exquisite density of the platinum powder that is sown. Mr. Shimode himself named it "Makiboke Nuki Gakitakimon". The craftsmanship and sensibility of the craftsmen are alive and carefully done one by one by the hands of craftsmen to create expressions unique to one-of-a-kind items.

Bezel components displaying on the OCWS5000MB

Original OCEANUS blue

A unique process was devised to apply the maki-e to the bezel. On the back of the beautifully polished sapphire crystal bezel, a newly developed translucent gradation vapor deposition is applied, and craftsmen apply platinum powder to the lacquer work. Finally, by painting black, the OCEANUS blue that changes from blue to black and the glittering lacquer work appear in it. In addition, the inside of the sapphire ring is polished to create a beautiful finish that reflects the sparkle of the lacquer work in three dimensions. Gradation vapor deposition intentionally makes the direction of color change oblique to express the dynamism of flowing water.

Detail of the OCWS500MB analog watch face with blue accents

Inspired by mother-of-pearl white mother of pearl dial

In order to express the dynamism of the sparkling water flowing down, the dial is decorated with white mother of pearl shells. Inspired by the mother-of-pearl mother-of-pearl used in traditional crafts such as lacquerware, a jet-black mirror dial with slit-like gaps is layered on top of a mirror-finished pearl oyster shell that enhances color development. The iridescent luster echoes with the sparkle of the lacquer work, creating a mysterious waterfall scene.


Slim profile of the OCWS5000MB

slim style

By implementing single-sided high-density board mounting and improving the parts and structure, we have realized a thin case of 9.3 mm while mounting Bluetooth® and radio solar.

Watch band linkage connected to OCWS5000MB

Bring out the beauty of titanium
Discerning finish

The bezel is coated with DLC to create a sense of unity with the lacquer-finished sapphire crystal ring. The case and band are treated with titanium carbide to improve wear resistance and color development. The case and part of the band are Zaratsu-polished to create a beautiful, smooth surface.

OCEANUS CONNECTED application on phone

more accurate and reliable time
Radio wave solar equipped with Bluetooth®

scratch resistant glass

Scratch-resistant and highly transparent
Double-sided anti-reflection coating
sapphire crystal

Easy operation and many functions at will
CASIO WATCHES(smartphone app)

Main function

  • Automatic time correction (4 times a day)
  • Easy clock setting
  • World time city setting (more than 300 cities)
  • clock status display
    Graphical display of solar power generation status, etc.
  • cell phone search


  • 10 ATM water resistant
  • tough solar
  • smartphone link
  • Standard radio wave reception function(multiband 6)
  • Needle position automatic correction function
  • world time(27 cities)
  • stopwatch
  • date display

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