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Oceanus quality.

Functionality, design, operability and reliability, and comfort for the wearer.
Oceanus realizes everything you need at a high level.

OCEANUS Analog watch face close up

Deep and clear blue only for Oceanus
Oceanus blue

Using methods that are sometimes unsuitable for mass production, such as sputtering and vapor deposition, we have achieved a unique blue that can be called a “metallic blue color.”

OCEANUS watch profile

Light and comfortable to wear
Titanium material

Pure titanium, which is said to be difficult to process, is used for the case and band. Pursuing a comfortable fit that does not cause fatigue even when worn for a long time.
*Excluding OCW-T200

OCEANUS analog watch face with Roman numeral

99% transparency
Non-reflective coating sapphire glass

Adopted sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating. Realizes a clear view with 99% transparency.

OCEANUS Watch band and bezel attachment

Protective strength and beauty
Titanium carbide

The surface is hardened by applying a special treatment to the lightweight, skin-friendly pure titanium material. Achieves beautiful color development with extremely high abrasion resistance.

OCEANUS closeup of bezel edge

The highest level of brilliance and skill
Sallaz polishing

Zaratsu polishing, which is said to be the pinnacle of polishing technology, is used for the case and band parts. Carefully polished by craftsmen to achieve a beautiful shine with a high level of smoothness.

Advanced technology.

Mobile device icon


Mobile device on a technology illustrated background

Automatically connects to the smartphone four times a day and corrects the time. When the time zone is crossed, the local time is displayed with one push.

Radio dish icon

Standard radio wave reception
(multiband 6)

Globe and satelite on a technology illustrated background

Receives standard radio waves from Japan (2 stations), the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and China, and automatically adjusts the time.
*The image is an image.

Satelite icon

GPS satellite signal reception

World map on a technology illustrated background

Acquire position and time information from GPS satellites. The time zone of the current location and daylight saving time are automatically analyzed and the correct time is displayed. It is compatible with Japan's quasi-zenith satellite "Michibiki" and has improved reception efficiency.

Bluetooth® + standard radio waves + GPS satellite radio waves
GPS Radio Solar with Bluetooth®

Standard radio wave + GPS satellite radio wave
GPS hybrid electric wave solar

Ensure practicality.

OCEANUS watch with Tough Movement badge

Tough Movement

Watch technical illustration with Smart Access badge

Smart Access

OCEANUS watch small inset dial highlighted

World Time

OCEANUS watch exploded view of solar components

Tough Solar

 *Some of the technologies are listed here. It is not a function used in all watches. Please check the information of each model for the functions of each model.

As a manufacturer.

Line drawn map location of Yamagata Factory, Japan.

Casio's mother factory, where state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and handcrafted craftsmen sit side by side.
From May 2018, the newly established factory dedicated to watches began full-scale operation, enabling more advanced manufacturing.
As a manufacturer responsible for all aspects of watch manufacturing, we will continue to practice manufacturing at a higher level.

Collage of pictures representing the manufacturing process of OCEANUS watches

Premium Production Line

Expert line exclusively for high-end models.
We create products with a high degree of perfection through advanced facility environments and skilled craftsmanship.

Collage of pictures representing the manufacturing process of OCEANUS watches

Integrated production system

Realizing high-quality manufacturing with an integrated production system, from the fine gears of the movement to the precise assembly.

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