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PRW6900YL-5 | PRO TREK PRW-6900 Series Black | CASIO

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PRW-6900 Series


My GShock

Get out into the great outdoors with a new PRO TREK timepiece featuring solar-powered radio-controlled precision and eco-friendly materials chosen for their environmental performance. The PRO TREK line of authentic outdoor gear for nature lovers now includes the PRW6900YL, a timepiece of solid structural and functional beauty inspired by survival tools. In a rough and rugged outdoor style, this timepiece features a metal bezel with sharply tapered edges reminiscent of a wood axe. At the 10 o’clock position, the inset dial indicator hand recalls the blade of a camping knife, and the second hand features the orange gradation of campfire flames. The base of the dial has a textured cast iron-like surface evoking a Dutch oven, bringing together a design that epitomizes all there is to love about bushcraft. The case and resin case back are made with biomass plastics, an eco-friendly, green material, in keeping with the PRO TREK commitment to coexisting harmoniously with nature. The newly developed flame-retardant leather band of the PRW6900YL holds up even when hit by flying sparks.

Solid functional beauty: Forged polygonal bezel structure
Back engraving
Digital compass display
Altimeter display
Barometer display
Thermometer display


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