BABY-G debuted in 1994 as a women’s watch with the same tough concept as G-SHOCK.
Equipped with a shock-resistant structure and 100-meter water resistance, and featuring unique designs and color variations with ample feminine appeal,
it’s the watch for every woman who chooses an active and fashionable lifestyle.
One-of-a-kind. Tough and cool. This is BABY-G.

BABY-G Function

Not only cute, but practical. Check BABY-G by its reliable functions!



Birth of a digital watch
that accentuates ladies’ fashions.

While maintaining all G-SHOCK’s toughness, the first BABY-G model DW-520 introduced a downsized case and pop colors suited to women’s wrists and tastes.Capturing the imaginations of young women in their late teens, especially, it opened up new opportunities for the digital watch as ladies’ fashion accessory.


Supported by the youth culture,
”fashion, music, art and sport”,
BABY-G establishes its brand.

Uniting with youth culture through designs and technologies, and evolving continually from its moment of birth, BABY-G has communicated its one-of-a-kind identity to women everywhere.


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