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Speed & Intelligence

Technologies continue to advance, with EDIFICE leading the way.
This multi-function chronograph from CASIO is
actively forwarding the evolution of electronic technologies.


EDIFICE combines a fusion of dynamic forms with elaborate face designs,
and provides leading-edge,
accompanied by uniquely original expressions produced by the movements of various hands.
These features are transporting the chronograph into new realms,
and unlocking the hidden possibilities they contain.


EDIFICE, the watch that recognises the value of speed and time,
for people who live in the moment!


Bold, fascinating forms and fine details,
combined with simple styling that brings out the essence of metal,
give birth to products with clearly dened identities.

Drawing and modeling

A prototype is produced based on a sketch using CAD and a 3D printer. A bold design concept takes shape.

Bold index

An edgy, striking large index is laid out on the dial. Robust modeling with straight lines and basic tones evokes a strong presence.

Inset dial

An inset dial ring constructed of lightweight resin achieves a solid metal look that is balanced with the metal case in a high-quality design.


Materials are used just as they are to bring out the finest quality with no reliance on ornamentation.
High-grade processing technologies combine with artisans’ skills to produce the superior quality required of a metal watch.

Forged stainless-steel case

After forging and heat treatment of the stainless-steel material, precision machining is conducted to complete the boldly designed case form.

Polished finishing

Polish finishing by the hands of skilled craftsmen produces beautiful mirror surfaces on the forge-cast stainless-steel case.

Bluetooth® button

The Bluetooth® mark is inscribed on top of the Bluetooth® connection button. Colouring is applied by hand as part of the time- and labor-intensive attention to details.


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