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My GShock

Go metal-clad in total comfort — with the popular GM-110 analog-digital combination G-SHOCK, now in an even slimmer, more compact construction. The striking depth and dimension of the dial is crafted with a multilayered arrangement of finely detailed 3D components. Paired with a design that strikes just the right balance between the digital display and analog hour and minute hands, the watch face delivers high visibility and an easy read. Dial components in metallic colors complement the stainless steel bezel cover for a look of elegantly cool styling. And the flat band design adds a distinctive touch for a statement that is extra bold.

LED light
Clockwise from top: GM-S110PG-1A, GM-S110B-8A, GM-S110LB-2A, GM-S110-1A




Slim and compact

The characteristic form of the metal-covered GM-110 — with its intricately moulded bezel and dial — now achieved in a more compact size, with a case width reduced to just 86% of the original and a profile slimmed by 3.9 mm. This mid-size watch makes for a nice fit on slimmer wrists, while maintaining the same impact and presence.

Metal-covered design

The watch features a shock-resistant structure with its metal bezel and glass fibre-reinforced resin case. Advanced forging techniques are employed to cast the complex form of the bezel with meticulous attention to detail — a particularly demanding challenge in realising the more compact size. Separate hairline and mirror finishes are applied to individual surfaces to enhance the texture of the metal.

Multilayer dial

Advanced resin-moulding techniques were used to produce the dial, which is composed of a complex arrangement of 3D components, with a fine level of detail. A metallic finish is applied to multiple dial components to nicely complement the metal exterior.

Band design

The luxe metal bezel is paired with a urethane band for a casual touch. The unadorned simplicity of the design makes the watch easy to coordinate with any outfit.

Coloured IP

For the metal bezel, the GM-S110 features a silver colour, while pink gold IP is used for the GM-S110PG. Two additional colour options are also offered: the GM-S110B features a grey IP bezel and grey band for a natural look, while the GM-S110LB sports a brand-new colour scheme, pairing a light blue IP bezel with a navy blue band.

Super Illuminator (high-brightness double LED light) for readability in the dark

*Image shows the GM-S110-1A.

*The color tone of the listed products may differ from the actual product in some cases.

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