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Remainder calculation
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Calculate number of shipping cartons and partial quantities in a single step!

Remainder Calculation

Rapidly calculates quotient and remainder

Day & Time Calculation

Useful for warehouse stock control and labor management

A specialty calculator equipped with a remainder calculation function that shows the remainder from division for greater efficiency in warehouse operations

Remainder Calculation

In warehouses, calculators are used in acceptance inspections, stocktaking, and picking.

Remainder calculation function for greater operating efficiency


When the requested shipping quantity is 960 pieces and the quantity per shipping carton is 360 pieces, how many cartons are needed and what is the remainder?

Ordinary calculator

Three calculations are necessary.


The remainder is shown with a single calculation.


EX 1

If the expiration date of a certain product is 120 days from the date of manufacture, what is the expiration date if the product is manufactured on July 14?

EX 2

An employee has worked 7 hours and 53 minutes one day and 8 hours and 38 minutes the next. How long did the employee work during the two-day period?


Product features
Day calculation
Time calculation
Remainder Calculation
Tax calculation
Product type
Mini Desk Type
Number of digits
12 digits
Liquid crystal display
Extra Large display
Function command signs
3-digit comma markers
Key characteristics
Plastic keys
Key functions
Key rollover
Shift key (▶)
Independent memory
Power supply
Solar & Battery
Size (D × W × H)
147 × 103 × 28.8 mm
115 g

Basic calculation
Basic Calculation
Regular percent (%)
Profit margin percent
Applied calculation
Day calculation
Time calculation
Remainder Calculation
Tax calculation

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