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Making watches more convenient and easy to use.  CASIO CONNECT


Connect your watch with a smartphone via Bluetooth® to keep the time constantly accurate and eliminate the trouble of watch settings.
Syncing your watch with a smartphone also gives you access to various new uses and brings a splash of fun to your daily routine.
Smartphone Link from Casio —
designed for life in the digital age, helping you create a watch style all your own.

Time adjustment
Count on accurate time every second of every day, smartphone-delivered.

To ensure accurate timekeeping
Automatic time adjustment

Connects with a smartphone via Bluetooth® to keep the time constantly accurate and eliminate the trouble of time setting.

• Automatic connection for everyday use
Automatically connects with a smartphone at one to four times set times* per day to make time adjustments when needed.

• Automatic connection for travel
Connects with a smartphone when travelling across time zones to enable immediate display of the correct local time.

Watch settings
Diverse functions, right at your fingertips.

Connect with time from around the globe
World time for over 300 cities

Select a city in the app to immediately show its current time on the watch display. Just press the button to switch between home time and world time.

Handy for wake-up alarms and more
Alarm setting

Use the app to set alarm times as well. Convenient applications for a range of everyday uses, from wake-up alarms to reminders for scheduled times.

For convenient time management
Countdown timer setting

Counts the time down on the watch, providing an audible alert when the specified time is reached. Convenient for managing work or activity times.

To help remember important appointments
Reminder setting

Input appointments and anniversaries, and the watch will display them on the day of the event. Convenient for schedule confirmations and reminders.

Convenient functions
From everyday uses to leisure pursuits, a full range of handy features.

For easy activity logging
Time & Place

Press a button on the watch to record the current time and location on a map. Useful for recording favorite spots or keeping an activity log.

Handy for watching motorsports events
Stopwatch data transfer

The smartphone app displays lap times measured on the watch down to the millisecond. Convenient for watching races, managing trip data, and more.

Locate a misplaced smartphone
Phone finder

Press a watch button to make your smartphone sound. Overrides silent mode so you can always locate your phone.

Smooth, secure operation at all times
Status display

The smartphone app visually displays solar power generation status and more. Use the app to check whether your watch is operating properly.

Support for fitness
Step Tracker

Counts steps automatically when you wear your watch and start walking. Handy for daily exercise management.

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Note: One of our dedicated apps must be installed on your smartphone to establish a connection with your watch.
Please search our support site for more information on compatible dedicated apps, devices that have been tested for compatibility, and OS support status.

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