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Lately I'm right on-time wherever I go. - ESTHER BUNNY COMICS - Girl's PARTY! | CASIO


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Lately I'm right on-time wherever I go.

CULTURE   |   2022.03.23

The way we spend our time says a lot about who we are.

Here is the watch featured in the illustration!


Esther Kim is a Korean-American artist. She was born in Los Angeles and spent her teenage years in Tokyo. She has been working as a creator for over ten years combining illustration, design, character licensing, art direction and gallery art to create her own world.
Her work is at once cute but knowing, and has a sophisticated girlishness informed by her love of fashion and multicultural background.
She is the creator of the character Esther Bunny.
They are her emotional alter egos; reflections of her loneliness and alienation as an outsider in the different cultures she grew up in.

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