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#8 Ucca Buffalo

CULTURE   |   2022.06.24

A platform showcasing collaboration projects between BABY-G and up-and-coming artists.
We proudly present Vol.8, with cute illustrations designed by Ucca Buffalo.

G-SHOCK and BABY-G was very popular when I was in middle school. I remember my friend got a Pink BABY-G as soon as it came out,
and it was very appealing to me. I think it had an illustration of a dolphin on the dots, and it was super cute!
I never got the chance to get those BABY-G watches at the time, but now I got to work on this project with BABY-G, and I would have never imagined this at the time.
Even though I've grown up, BABY-G still makes me feel nostalgic.


I am an illustrator, and I would say my style has a very light touch and I like drawing cute girls.
I participate in exhibitions and events, mainly in the Kansai (West) part of Japan.
Other than illustrations, I also work on book covers and caricatures.

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