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#18 Jing Wei STYLE - World Snap - Girl's PARTY! | CASIO


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BABY-G Tough and Cool – for women who lead active lives.

#18 Jing Wei STYLE

Coordinate points

After mixing and matching, I decided to style this white BABY-G watch in a Y2K style, which is a style that is currently trending on social media. Being a fan of BABY-G who owned a black-gold BABY-G watch of the same design years ago, in my opinion, this BABY-G watch looks the best in a sporty style, hence I decided to do my photo shooting on a basketball court, with a basketball and mini colourful hair clips to enhance my photo and overall look. White and rose gold have been one of my favourite colours and I can’t wait to do more styling with my favourite white BABY-G watch in the future!

My go-to model


I’m Jing Wei, a Malaysian Chinese who is currently a pharmacy student and a part-time dancer.
Besides dancing, fashion styling has been one of my favourite things to do all the time. I enjoy matching outfits to make myself look happier and more confident wherever I go, not to mention how important accessories (bracelets, earrings, necklaces, watches etc) are in achieving a good look!

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