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#20 Suming STYLE - World Snap - Girl's PARTY! | CASIO


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BABY-G Tough and Cool – for women who lead active lives.

#20 Suming STYLE

Coordinate points

I coordinated a Y2K mood filled with winter mood materials in harmony with the bubbly image of this BABY-G watch in white and green. The BABY-G watch, coordinated with pink knit, velvet brown pants and fake fur boots, is more emphasized and eye-catching among the various color combinations. In addition to this fashion coordination, I think this watch will always be an important point in various styles of fashion coordination!

My go-to model


I'm Suming. I am a Korean and I am studying art history to become a curator who works at a museum after majoring in visual design and jewelry fashion design in college.
Also, I am enjoying the experience of communicating and sharing fashion with people by posting about fashion on Instagram!
I think it's really cool to express yourself through fashion and get inspiration from each other.

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