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BGA-250 Series


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A "Beach Traveler Series" model featuring a summer beach theme. A model with a black base color and a motif of a pink seashell that shines as it reflects the sun's rays. The face and indices are pink. The metallic textured dial and indices shine brilliantly via reflected light. A skeleton material is used for the dial boundary to represent the surface of the sea. The hour/minute hands have anchor designs, and are sprinkled with motifs that are perfect for beach activities. It is also equipped with a neon illuminator that emits light from the face in response to a built-in black light. When the light is turned on, the hour and minute hands glow pink and green, reminiscent of a fantastic night sea.


What is BABY-G?

BABY-G's "Tough and Cool" outlook
with appeal for women who lead active lives.

*The color tone of the listed products may differ from the actual product in some cases.

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