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AQUAPLANET Collaboration Model


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Since the late 1990s, G-SHOCK and BABY-G collaboration models have supported the work of a number of different environmental organizations. In 2022, G-SHOCK and BABY-G team up with the non-profit Aqua Planet once again, to honor the organization’s decades of work to preserve our spectacular coral reefs. In a tribute to the bright colors and sweeping frond-like fans of the fan coral, this timepiece features beautiful translucent ocean water hues, which contrast vividly with the gradated pink of the dial and a splash of vibrant red. The five coral polyps dotting the watch face mark the fifth Casio-Aqua Planet collaboration. The Aqua Plant logo, the One Ocean, One Future message and the Love the Sea And The Earth slogan printed on the watchband, as well as the slogan symbol engraved on the case back, are all gentle reminders of how very important our oceans are. Declare your commitment to protecting our exquisite seas and the precious creatures that live in them with this truly special collaboration. Packaged plastic-free in a paper box made of recycled paper, this timepiece comes in reusable drawstring bag made of 100% cotton. AQUA PLANET A non-profit organization dedicated to conserving coral reefs. The organization is engaged in several collaborative conservation efforts including transplanting coral in Chatan (on Okinawa’s main island) and cultivating coral on the island of Ishigaki.

Aqua Planet logo printed on the band
Special environment-friendly package
Five isobana images commemorate the 5th Anniversary of collaboration models.


Collaborative Aqua Planet model inspired by the pristine oceans that sustain coral

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