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Mobile Link

Mobile Link brings more convenience and ease of use!
It enables automatic time adjustment via Bluetooth® and offers useful functions.

    Major Features

    • Auto Time Adjustment
      Auto connect smartphone to adjust home time and world time (include switching Daylight Saving Time)  
    • Switch Home Time and World Time
    • Stopwatch
      Store Measured Data, View Data in Bulk, Best/Worst/Sverage Time, Target Time Setting Transfer, Target Time Difference Display
    • Alarm Setting
    • Switch Operation Sound On/Off

    • Phone Finder
    • World Time approx. 300 Cities
      Able to set world time city easily on App by selecting a city (approx. 300) on world map.

    * BABY-G Connect App is required when linking with a smartphone. Supported phones are specified iPhone and Android.


    BABY-G Connected

    Supported Operating Systems

    ※ Countries compatible or certify the Radio Act (English)
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