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My GShock

Take it to the streets with original graffiti art for your wrist. Introducing the Street Spirit line of watches that takes the G-SHOCK form as its canvas. Splashed boldly across the bezel and band, these street-savvy designs deliver original graffiti art that crushes in any fashion scene. Your choice — the iconic case of the DW-5000, the metallic bezel of the GM-5600 and GM-2100, or the oversized case of the GA-110 and GX-56. Multicolored, cool accents for whatever look you choose.

From left: GX-56SS-1, GA-110SS-1A, GM-2100SS-1A, DW-5000SS-1, GM-5600SS-1



The look and feel of spray painting used in graffiti reproduced with different techniques on each component. A repeated process of masking and colourful IP application create an innovative design with a pattern of overlapping splashes of blue and gold, while highlighting the silver base colour of the metal bezel. A matching pattern is printed on the dial as well. For the resin band, metallic paint and inkjet printing is applied. The whole watch design evokes the look of streetside “shutter art” with its metallic texture and the way it captures the look and feel of spray paint.

*The color tone of the listed products may differ from the actual product in some cases.

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