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G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary Adventurer’s Stone Series


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Chart your own course with a G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary Adventurer’s Stone limited-edition timepiece. Join us in celebrating the G-SHOCK 40th by choosing one of these spectacular metal-clad watches, which are inspired by the stones adventurers have used to navigate since ancient times. The special colors of the minerals ancient seafarers used to find their way are reproduced in these watch designs with forging, ion plating, and masking processes, giving each metal bezel a one-of-a-kind look. The bands are made with colored or translucent resin and are uniquely textured with hot-stamping and Garal color molding techniques. These limited-edition timepieces celebrate the G-SHOCK 40th through and through: the phrase “SINCE 1983” appears on the dial; the Eric Haze-designed 40th logo is engraved on the case back, and there are four stars for 40 on the band loop.

G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary Adventurer’s Stone Series
Clockwise from 12 o'clock: GM-114GEM-1A9, GM-S114GEM-1A2, GM-S2140GEM-9A, GM-2140GEM-2A, GM-5640GEM-1, GM-S5640GEM-7


Features of GM-S5640GEM-7

GM-S5640GEM × Calcite

Laser engraving is layered with rainbow IP on the metal bezel to recreate calcite’s crystalline pattern and its gorgeous refracted-light glow. The dial and band are decorated with the same pattern.

Bezel - Laser engraved + IP (rainbow)
Band - Translucent white + hot-stamping
Dial - Rainbow printed

Colour IP brightens up metal bezels

Since ancient times, seafarers used stones that give off certain colours depending on the light source and the viewing angle as a kind of compass to find the sun’s position. Their beautiful guiding light is represented in IP finishing that suits each one’s colouration. Two-colour IP goes a step further, producing complex, multi-layered tones by first applying IP to an entire surface, then masking portions and reapplying IP in an additional colour.

*The color tone of the listed products may differ from the actual product in some cases.

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