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Introducing the iconic 5600 line of G-SHOCK watches, now in a slim, compact size that is so easy to wear. Glass vapor deposition creates a metallic face that’s aglow with individuality, accented with metal side buttons and buckle for a sophisticated, special look. With the simple mode indicators on the dial paired with the flat band, you have all you need to make an original statement with this elegant, streamlined design.

Clockwise from top: GMD-S5600-2, GMD-S5600-7, GMD-S5600-1, GMD-S5600-8
From left: GMD-S5600-7, GMD-S5600-1
From top: GMD-S5600-1, GMD-S5600-7



Slim and compact

Starting with the DW-5600, modelled after the shape of the very first G-SHOCK, we made these watches even slimmer and smaller to ensure a better fit on the wrist and make this popular octagonal design easy to add to your wardrobe.

Metallic face featuring vapour deposition

Glass vapour deposition in metallic tones adds a stylish shimmer to the octagonal face. Available in light rose gold, light gold, dark silver, or blue, all in newly developed colour tones that harmonise with the matte colours of the watch’s exterior.
*Image shows the GMD-S5600-8.

Urethane case and band

The urethane case and band feature a silky matte finish in classic black, navy, white, or grey.

Metal parts

The side buttons and buckles are made of stainless steel, lending an elegant shine to a casual look when combined with the urethane case and band.
*Image shows the GMD-S5600-8.

Simple mode indicators

The mode indicators are rendered in a clean, minimalist font on the dial, made appropriately small for a fashion accessory, but without sacrificing readability or ease of use.
*Image shows the GMD-S5600-7

*The color tone of the listed products may differ from the actual product in some cases.

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