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MUDMASTER A model fitted with the dust-proof, mud-proof structure from the Master of G MUDMASTER series, which is intended for extreme on-land use in terrains strewn with rocks, sand, and debris. In order to support use in harsh environments, the buttons have a cylindrical button guard structure that makes them dust- and mud-proof. Cylindrical pipes protect the buttons, and gaskets inside the buttons keep out fine sand and mud. Additionally, the cylinder pipes play a role in alleviating impacts on the buttons and improving their operability, and are designed to withstand tough use. The design expresses the tough image associated with the special vehicles and equipment used in disaster relief. Additionally, wide hour and minute hands and large Arabic numeral indices are used to improve visibility even in harsh conditions. The band has a non-slip texture and designed with a strong military feel throughout.


*The color tone of the listed products may differ from the actual product in some cases.

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