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A model with a square design that has continued to evolve without changing shape since the birth of the first-generation DW-5000C models. The outer pieces of the band are metal parts embedded in resin, and a lightweight, highly durable fine resin material is used for the inner pieces to reduce weight and increase strength. A bright red color scheme is used on the backs of the inner pieces. The band buckle is a one-push three-fold type that can be attached smoothly. In terms of functionality, the model is equipped with Bluetooth® connectivity and Multi-Band 6. Accurate time information is acquired by linking to the dedicated G-SHOCK Connected app. Automatic time corrections in areas that support standard radio waves from six transmission stations around the world. It also uses Tough Solar to ensure stable operation, and includes practical features such as a high-brightness fully automatic LED backlight and world time.


*The color tone of the listed products may differ from the actual product in some cases.

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