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PRG-30 Series


My GShock

Calling all trekkers, campers, lovers of the great outdoors! Introducing PRO TREK ruggedness with a gentler touch. Get off the beaten path without weighing yourself down. The PRG-30 features a cloth band for ultimate comfort and a compact design for just the right fit. With the PRG-30B, we achieve a smaller case size with the functionality you love. This watch features the same triple sensor and solar technology you appreciate, in a design your wrist will love even on long treks. Tough Solar provides constant behind-the-scenes power. A bolder, more legible font on the LCD display ensures high visibility and an easy read, whether you’re checking the time, altitude, direction, or temperature. Go for the trendy earth tone khaki. Either way, the fashionable gender-neutral design makes for a great look outdoors.


*The color tone of the listed products may differ from the actual product in some cases.

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