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Bluetooth® communication can be used to link with the watch's mobile app to configure World Time and other watch settings. All of this and more makes these models the perfect choice for mountain climbing, hiking, camping and a host of other outdoor activities.

Automatic Time Adjustment

The watch is reset regularly 4 times a day by the smartphone to show both home time and world time correctly. You can also reset the watch manually with just a push of a button when crossing between time zones. The precise time in the current location is displayed instantly with DST (daylight saving time) taken into account.

Accurate Time System

Accurate time information (UTC) is acquired by a smartphone from a time server on the Internet. The smartphone then analyzes this time data and its own current positioning data regarding the time zone and DST (daylight saving time) status of the current location and resets the watch to the correct time automatically. Since Wi-Fi communication is also possible, the smartphone can also acquire time information in indoor environments such as airports or subways.

World Time for over 300 cities

The smartphone app can be used to conduct world time city selection. After a city is selected by touch from a world map or a city list containing over 300 cities, the time in the selected city is displayed on an inset dial with DST (daylight saving time) taken into account.

Other Functions

Watch status display, phone finder, watch battery level indication, and other useful functions. The watch automatically obtains GPS (GNSS) altitude data at a preset time and corrects its altimeter readings. Upon connection, your phone sends latitude and longitude information to the watch, which it uses to calculate your current location's sunrise and sunset times.

* This function differs according to model. For details, refer to the phone app.


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