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Equipped with a pedometer function and a timer for measuring intervals, the GMD-B800 is compact and easy to wear. Equipped with functions that are useful for daily health management and workouts, it is simple and compact so that it fits on slender arms. In terms of functionality, a 3-axis accelerometer measures number of steps per day and walking/running pace, and the number of steps is displayed on the watch. Bluetooth® connectivity connects the watch to your smartphone, allowing you to use the dedicated G-SHOCK Connected app to check your daily steps and the number of calories that you've burned. Additionally, it supports daily health management by dividing exercise into five levels of intensity based on the number of steps measured and walking/running pace, and displaying a graph of the number of steps by exercise intensity.




MALIA MANUEL instagram

Achieving the title of youngest ever female to win the US Open of Surfing is no easy feat. It means dedicating your life and schedule to that of the ocean, revolving each and every hour around a force of nature that’s in a state of constant change. Hawaii native surf legend Malia Manuel knows this. She has built her life around the tide, tailoring every minute of every day to make the most of the conditions it takes to strengthen her skill. Whether it’s time to hit to the waves, embrace a workout or nourish her body to keep her energy intact, it’s all about timing. As long as the clock keeps ticking, she will never stop.


Band with superior wearability

The 15-hole band is designed to enable fine adjustments. The case is equipped with a special case back protector, to assure a comfortable fit.

Band with superior wearability

STEP TRACKERHealth Management & Physical Fitness


[Step-counting Function]

A built-in 3-axis acceleration sensor begins counting steps the moment you start to walk.

A step number level graph at 6 o'clock shows the current step number and the number 1 hour earlier,
and a status indicator window in the upper right area of the dial displays the target achievement rate.
This data can help motivate you to increase your step count.

* Image shows GBA-800.

[App] Step Count Measurement Data Transfer

Step Count Measurement Data Transfer 1
Step Count Measurement Data Transfer 2
Step Count Measurement Data Transfer 3
Step Count Measurement Data Transfer 4

Measurement data can be transferred for use to a dedicated app. In addition to manual transfers, the app conducts automatic transfers four times a day.
Besides recording daily step counts and calorie consumption, the app displays a step count graph showing step counts, calories and exercise intensity (5 levels) for each day, week and month.
When activated by the smartphone, the step count is displayed graphically on a map every 30 minutes.


For Interval Workouts


A multi-timer function useful for interval workouts can be set for up to five different times.
The time remaining on the timer (%) is indicated in the status indicator window to the upper right on the dial.
Auto Repeat (maximum 20 times) and Auto Start are available along with an announcement notice function.

* Image shows GBA-800.

[App] Create Timer Menu

Create Timer Menu 1
Create Timer Menu 2
Create Timer Menu 3

Up to 20 sets of 5 timers can be set up on the dedicated app. This makes it easy to create a menu of workouts and intervals as sets of workouts and break times that repeat within a certain period. You can save the menus you create under individual titles. You can then call them up instantly according to the day of the workout and transmit the settings to the watch.


Time Measurement & 

Pace Management


A 1/100-second stopwatch capable of storing up to 200 lap-time memories is installed. Its ability to set up to 10 target times is useful for confirming your pace.

* Image shows GBA-800.

[App] Stopwatch Measurement Data Transfer

Stopwatch Measurement Data Transfer 1
Stopwatch Measurement Data Transfer 2
Stopwatch Measurement Data Transfer 3
Stopwatch Measurement Data Transfer 4

A special app is available for setting target times. Stopwatch measurement data can be transferred, moreover, with measurement/target time differences and the best/worst/average times displayed together on the app. The results can be managed as log memory data and fed back into daily workouts.

* App screens shown here may differ from actual screens,since the app is currently under development.
G-SHOCK Connected

G-SHOCK Connected FREE

Smartphone App


- Auto Time Adjustment (4 times a day)
- World Time city setting (over 300 cities)
- Home Time / World Time switching
- Time alarm setting
- Daylight Saving Time / Automatic time zone information update
- Mobile phone search
- Auto Hand Home / Position Correction
- Step count measurement data transfer
- Timer menu creation

Supported Phone Models (As of December 2017)

iOS: iOS 10 or later
Android: Android 6.0 or later

* Bluetooth installed smartphone only.

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