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40th Anniversary G-SHOCK × ERIC HAZE Collaboration Model


My GShock

Nothing like a very special collaboration with graffiti artist Eric Haze to help celebrate the G-SHOCK 40th anniversary! Take the GMW-B5000 — the original full-metal take on the first-ever G-SHOCK, the DW-5000C — and add plenty of Eric Haze touches for a specially designed metal watch featuring the artist’s work, in ion-plating and laser engraving. The stainless steel band is ion-plated in black with Haze’s original graphics reproduced in laser-engraved patterns of dots. Small, medium, and large dots combine to create the impression of tonal shading in his characteristic graphic designs splashed across the entire band. The screw-lock case back, coated in diamond-like carbon (DLC), features a logo designed by Haze to commemorate the 40th anniversary of G-SHOCK. Press the light button to reveal Haze’s graffiti tag and enjoy the fade-in/fade-out effect. The watch comes in special packaging adorned with the commemorative anniversary logo designed by the artist himself for a stellar timepiece and incomparable 40th anniversary celebration. * Due to the screw-lock construction of the case back, the logo and lettering may not match up perfectly with the dial.

Back engraving
LED light




Renowned graffiti artist, designer, and art director based in New York City. Began a career in the world of graffiti initially tagging as SE3 in the 1970s and went on to make a name as a pioneering icon in the field. Beyond active and wide-ranging involvement with hip-hop and street culture, for over 20 years now, Haze has been focusing on apparel and art direction.




Black IP + laser engraving

Artwork by Eric Haze is rendered using an IP coating and laser engraving. Black IP is applied to the stainless-steel band, with laser-engraved patterns of dots reproducing original graphics by the artist. Combinations of small, medium, and large dots create impressions of tonal shading, evoking the look of Haze’s characteristic graphic design across the entire band.

Engraved case back

A logo designed by Eric Haze to commemorate the G-SHOCK 40th anniversary is engraved on the screw-lock case back, which is coated in diamond-like carbon (DLC).

*Due to the screw-lock construction of the case back, the orientation of the logo and lettering on it may not match up perfectly with the dial.

Super Illuminator (full-auto LED backlight)

When the light is activated, Eric Haze’s graffiti tag appears as a special design feature. Includes a fade-in/fade-out effect.

Special packaging

The watch comes in special packaging made with eco-friendly materials, adorned with an Eric Haze-designed logo commemorating the 40th anniversary of G-SHOCK.

MR-G Connected

Multiple functions, all at your fingertips
G-SHOCK Connected
(Smartphone app)

- Time & Place log:
Pressing a button on the watch records the current date, time and position on a map. Useful as an activity log.

- Reminder setting:
The watch will remind you of up to five upcoming events, which you set within the app.

Local calendar:
Supports days of the week languages and month/day display orders for U.K., Spain, Germany, France, Italy, and Russia.

- Automatic time adjustment (four times a day)
- World time for over 300 cities
- Home time/world time switching
- Timer/alarm setting
- Phone finder

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