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CASIO Python Programs

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CASIO Python Programs

By downloading and using these sample programs, you acknowledge and agree to the SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT and GNU General Public License. If you do not agree to these terms, do not download these sample programs.

A simple quadratic formula program that will find the roots of any equation with a discriminant that is positive.

Enter the coordinates of any two points. The program will output the slope, y-intercept, and the equation of the line in slope-intercept form.

Given an endpoint and a midpoint, the program will find the other endpoint.

Find the Greatest Common Divisor and the Lowest Common Multiple between any two numbers using an iterative search.

This program will find any roots regardless of the discriminant being positive or negative.

This program gives the user a choice in finding the midpoint given endpoints, or the second endpoint given an endpoint and a midpoint.

Find the midpoint between any two points on the coordinate plane.

This program finds all of the prime factors of any number entered, displayed as a list.

This program is a Reiman sum generator. It will give the value under a curve using the left, right, midpoint, and trapezoid approximations. This is a useful program for first-year calculus students.

This program runs the Collatz Conjecture. If a number is even, it will divide by two. If it is odd, it will multiply by three and add one. The conjecture says that all numbers will eventually go to one. This program will show the Collatz values and also how many iterations it took to reach one as well as the largest value it reaches.


How to load Python (.py) programs onto your fx-9750GIII or fx-CG50 PRIZM

  1. Download the Zip file via a desktop computer and extract the Python program
  2. Connect your handheld graphing calculator to your desktop computer via USB, then select [F1] on the handheld for USB Flash
  3. On your computer, open the handheld calculator as you would an external drive. Then drag and drop the program directly into the root folder of the handheld calculator
  4. Eject the drive

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