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Standard Scientific Calculators

fx-300ES PLUS 2nd Edition

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The updated fx-300ES PLUS 2nd Edition (FX-300ESP2) comes with Natural Textbook Display™ (NTD). NTD displays formulas and results exactly as they appear in the textbook. The 300ES also comes in an updated protective hard case. This slim and sleek scientific calculator offers all the functionality needed for middle school mathematics classes, high school, and college-level Statistics courses including fraction calculations, statistics and tables.



Product features
Non Programmable
Non Graphing
Number of Functions : 262
Product type
Non Programmable
Non Graphing
Number of digits
10 + 2 digits
Liquid crystal display
Natural textbook display
Dot matrix display
Key characteristics
Plastic keys
Key functions
Negative Sign
Power Off
Variables: 9 (A,B,C.D.E.F.X.Y,M)
Independent Memory (M / M+ / M-)
Answer Memory
Previous Answer Memory
Memory Protection
Reset Function
Power supply
Two way Power
Approximate battery life Main 3 years
Auto Power Off
Hard Case

Display format settings
Number Format: Fix
Number Format: Sci
Number Format: Norm
Recurring Decimal Calculations
Engineering Notation
Toggling Calculation Results

Basic calculation
Basic Calculation
Bracket Calculation
Fraction Calculation
Degree, Minute, Secound (Sexagesimal) Calculations
Reciprocal Calculation
Percent Calculation (scientific calculator function)
Factorial Function
Irrational number calcuation
Rounding Function
Advanced calculation
Transcendental number: e
Applied calculation
Multi-statement Command (:)
Continuous Calculation
Replay Function
Multi-replay Function
Remainder Calculation

Basic functions
Basic Mathematical Functions
Number of Functions : 252
Absolute Value Calculation
Power Function (Square)
Power Function (Cube)
Power Function
Power Function (Square Root)
Trigonometric Function
Inverse Trigonometric Function
Hyperbolic / Inverse Hyperbolic Function
Exponential Calculation
Logarithmic Calculation
Log not base 10
Coordinate Conversion
Combination / Permutation
Determine the Integer Part
Prime Factorization
Random Number Generation
Random Integer Generation

Statistical data
List based STAT-data editor
Statistical calculation
Statistics Function
Basic Statistics

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